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Additional Services

Art Therapy - Art Therapy engages the creative process through art making, which can be healing and enriching. One does not have to be an artist to benefit from art therapy. The process of making art and talking about it with a therapist, can promote personal awareness and growth. Art therapy can facilitate change and provide coping skills, often with much more clarity than words alone can provide.

Career/College Planning - Interested in outlining the next stages of your life? College and Career Planning is a service provided by Dr. Melody Marley that allows one to learn about personal strengths and weaknesses as well as specific interests. This process will assist you in formulating educational and career decisions with confidence and enjoyment. Join us today as we take the next step. *This service is not billable under insurance.

Equine Therapy - COMING SOON! Equine Therapy is an approach that involves the use of horses as agents for change. Tara Eytcheson is certified in EFP (equine-facilitated psychotherapy) through EAGALA and can lead clients in finding solutions to challenges they may be facing. Clients are encouraged to work with the horse to acknowledge their emotional state in order to change their perception and beliefs surrounding the feelings. 

Creative Workshops

Guest Speakers

Creativity for Kids

Wellness Gatherings

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